Layers of Life

Dear Readers,

When you live in the North, you play in the North!

It’s still cold and snowy here in Minneapolis, which is not unusual, so hubs made us an igloo! 
It’s big enough for two! LOL

We’ve also been on some lovely snow walks, to an ice castle, and ice skating.
However, I am getting a bit tired of the cold and grey.
Nothing I can change, and as I write this, it’s snowing again!

Sometimes, I think I should be doing more, volunteering more, exercising more, just more.
I don’t like these thoughts, because they take me away from being what I am doing right now.
They make me unhappy, because I compare myself to other people, instead of making my own life.

However, I do know my brain likes both novelty and familiarity.
Now that I can hear much more, I am finding I can go to more places and participate! It brings me so much joy just to hear what people say!

So I went to a Meetup writing group! I was invited by someone, whom I have never met in real life, and I just loved it! Although I consider myself a kindergarten level writer, and most of these people were college and above writers, I was brave and shared my simple lines! 

It was a free association writing group. We started with introductions, and then were given a word to write on. Our word was “layer”.
We wrote for 30 minutes, and then shared if we wanted, to!
Most people had funny or beautiful poems or stories to share. I could hear about 70 percent of what was said, so I did miss some. The people were very nice and warm, and I even went to coffee with them afterwards. 

I am sharing a bit more with you today, as I was thinking about the word, and able to better articulate my thoughts today!


Like the earth, each layer of my life has a story to tell.

We had the whole skating pond to ourselves!

Sand in my eyes layer.
Sun on my face layer.
Lost in a snowstorm layer.
A double rainbow layer.
Trees destroyed by tornados layer.
Walking in green grass layer.

Sometimes I have to take a layer off, because I no longer need it, like drinking, it no longer helps me. Sometimes I have to add a layer, because I need more, like supportive friends.  
Some of my layers repeat themselves, like an ice cream cake! Happy, sad, happy, sad. 

Right now I seem to want to add a layer of adventure, of trying new things now and then, and seeing what else is beyond my little world.

It’s warm inside! For 5 minutes!! LOL

I call it my bling layer!

But I have one layer that is my base layer, which is now what I am building the rest of my life on.

That is a layer of acceptance and gratitude.

Without this base, I go back to poor me thoughts, resentments, and all the things that make me unhappy, and unable to be a better person for other people!

Today it is still below freezing, with fresh snow, but sunny with blue skies! Hubs is doing taxes, so I am staying out of his way! Maybe I’ll hide in our igloo for awhile! 

With a soft pillow layer,
On Day 1641,

16 thoughts on “Layers of Life

  1. Thought provoking as always Wendy. What you see as simple , is really insightful. You have a way of presenting your thoughts and feelings in clear images that help us see into our own lives through your struggles and triumphs. You are the bravest person I know. But I want to hear more about Hubs. He seems like an amazing man!


  2. The writing group sounds like fun, and you have lots to offer there! I find myself comparing myself to others, and telling myself I \”need\” or \”should\” be doing more, and it just brings me down. Lots of clouds in NC lately, too, we need sunshine and blue skies! xx


  3. I love this. And yes, I too remind myself of the basic necessity of gratitude and acceptance. It is the base layer. Thank you for so eloquently reminding me Wendy! with love, Diana


  4. Hi Diana! Every time I wish things were different, I must ask myself why I want these changes. Then if course if it’s even possible! So acceptance is huge! And being thankful because I have so much right now! xo


  5. Oh Wendy… I loved this post so much. I was scanning down the line of your posts in WP Reader and was drawn to this one by the gorgeous photo, and am so glad for it… what a gorgeous piece. Your poem on layers gave me tingles… and I loved your description of the process around it. You and your hubs are such beautiful people and I love the photos of you together! That igloo is too cute!! xo Nadine


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