Wendy Walks

Dear Readers,
I was looking for another way to have fun with the photos I take when I go walking, and so I started a new blog, called Wendy Walks!

We found color on a gloomy day!

It’s very simple, with few words.
I hope you’ll check it out! 

Life is all good for hubs and I. So we are enjoying things as they come.
I know there will be tough times ahead, and good times ahead.

As I write this, hubs just came back from grocery shopping, (he goes because he doesn’t spend as much as I do, HA!), and brought me a COFFEE!
He is a keeper, my guy.

With a hot latte,
On Day 1592,

4 thoughts on “Wendy Walks

  1. I love this shot. Often when I'm looking out a window on a cloudy winter day I picture a splash of color in it. (It's partly why I'm so drawn to colored glass, especially this time of year.) What you've done is exactly it! Great eye.


  2. Hi Wendy. Your new blog is lovely and the photography is breathtakingly beautiful. I know that being deprived of music has not been easy for you but I also believe taking such beautiful photos is another outlet for you and a way to express your creativity. You really are gifted is so many areas. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessing alwaysJoni x


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