Dear Readers,
My surgery for my second cochlear implant went well. My surgeon said, 99% of her patients are happy they got a second one. I am so grateful for her skillfulness! 
Today is the 5th day of recovery, and of course I wish I was feeling back to normal, but like anything else, it takes time.
Hubs has been taking me out for short drives, and we have been on several short walks outside! 
I will be fitted for my processors in the middle of November.

Time and patience is needed here. 
In fact, recovery from addiction needs time and patience. 
I want everything to hurry up and be ready, and ok right now! 
Life just doesn’t work like that, and healing from anything has its own pace.
It will take as long as it takes.

On Our Walk!

Luckily, we have many people who can support our healing, if we seek them out and let them.

I find healing help from this surgery with my on-line friends, friends, and family, as well as hubs.
I found healing help from drinking, with yoga teachers, friends, AA peeps, on-line friends, family, and a therapist. 
Writing helps me heal.
Even walking outside and taking photos has helped my healing in both! 

Keep reaching out for help if you want to get sober. Keep an open mind on what might help you. Don’t shut doors before they even open.
Be your bravest self, and make that leap of faith.
I promise, it is a better life, a real life.

With Two Ears Coming, 
On Day 1516,

32 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Oh, good for you, Sweetie! So happy everything is going well so far. You've always been so brave and this is another example. Enjoy your walks before the snow flies!


  2. I'm the same – now!! Recovery is teaching me to allow things to take the time they take though. Funny that we are similar in that way, or perhaps just unsurprising! Glad it's gone well and that you're on the mend. Big hugs, Anna xx


  3. I'm so pleased to hear that your surgery went well! I understand how frustrating it is to heal from surgery, I was batshit crazy after just the first few days of recovery from my shoulder repair. You're spot on, these things take time and PATIENCE! We always want things RIGHTNOW, I think that desire for immediate gratification or relief from discomfort is echoed in our addiction histories. Thanks for your always inspiring posts! Recovery is such a huge gift, and I'm grateful to be along with you for the ride!


  4. Hi Wendy. I am so happy to hear you are doing well. Continued prayers for your healing and hearing. Prior to our son's brain surgery his Mayo Clinic surgeon told him his biggest challenge would be patience. He was right. Recovery takes time! That can also be said for sobriety. Love your beautiful photos. God bless! xx


  5. There's so much love in every post you write. I'm so happy your surgery went well, and you have wonderful people around you to help with your healing. Can't wait to here how your progress comes along. xo, ll


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