When Pigs Fly

Pricilla Likes to Stay on the Ground

Dear Readers,
Yesterday I impulsively bought a flying pig for my yard. Mr. UT really didn’t think we NEEDED a flying pig, but I did.

Mr. UT thinks I am getting a little bit daffy in my older years, as I keep adding animals to my yard. I have Bunter, the squirrel, (thank you Barb), and Hedgie, and now Pricilla, the flying pig. Oh, and I forgot I have a dragonfly, too. (But he’s really a bug not an animal).

These little guys bring me delight when I go out in the yard and see them. We also have many real squirrels, birds, rabbits, deer, fox, and chipmunks.
If I am ever bored, I just go outside and sit quietly and all of a sudden there is a zoo out back! (Oh, I guess Mr. UT is right after all about being daffy, although I prefer the word eccentric!)

Ready to go to breakfast!

Mr. UT and I had a delightful sober holiday!
Four long days of biking, golfing, seeing a bad movie, going to yoga, having friends over for dinner, and riding our bikes to breakfast.
(Well, Mr. UT doesn’t go to yoga, so he mowed the lawn.)

This was my third 4th of July sober.
I did not miss drinking this year. I am seeing more people who don’t drink, or don’t drink much, as opposed to when I was drinking, I was only open to seeing people who drank a lot. I have changed what I do now, and instead of shopping and drinking on the 4th, I am shopping and not drinking!

It feels lighter, being sober.
Things have lightened up.
Even the gray days are not so heavy on me.
The heat is not as oppressive.
I don’t worry quite as much.
Things don’t have to be so perfect.
My hurts are not as deep or last as long.

I joined Twitter today, and have been laughing all day long.
I joined to meet up with the wonderful people I have met in the blogging world, who support each other at  #recoveryposse.
This will be another support for my recovery, and will also bring me much needed laughter.
And laughing, like loving, is so healing.

With a Bike, a Bug, and a Pig,


But NO gnomes allowed!

On Day 1,036,



26 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. I have been looking for a flying pig for inside the actual house. What a coincidence! And Mr. Sober Miracle is not on board with the one I have picked out. I will buy it the next time I come across it while alone. Love the positive take on the fourth. And thanks for making me jumpstart my return to yoga. Nameste! ��


  2. That pig! Happy, joyful, colorful….and better at eye makeup than I am. Just be sure to let us knows if Pricilla decides to use those wings. Happy summer days to you….!


  3. Love that flying pig! I made a pond in my garden a few years back and that has brought a huge range of wildlife into my garden. The frogs are the ones though. Great to watch.


  4. have just realised that WP had unfollowed you for some reason – so am catching up on your posts. your comments about flying pigs now make a whole lot more sense 🙂 🙂 🙂 really love this positive take on 4 July. we don't really have an annual National Celebration Day here in the UK – it must be a tough one to navigate at first sober. we always have the choice who we spend these times with, yes? whether Christmas, our birthdays, whatever. it is not ACTUALLY the law that you have to be drunk by 1pm on Christmas Day, for example – although you would have thought me very law-abiding on that score in my past life… love to you! Prim xx


  5. What do you have against gnomes? lol lol. You're lucky I don't live closer to you and know where you live or else my mischievous side would sneak some gnomes into your garden lol ;-)Love your zoo, and that flying pig is absolutely awesome!


  6. LOL!My mother in-law used to glaze gnomes and we never wanted them, but she would always try to give us one!Now, I want a budda, and an angel, but hubs keeps shaking his head. I want another pig, but he said we have enough pigs. There are more I didn't show you guys! Time to get a real dog I guess!! lolxo


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