Protecting My Sobriety

Dearest Readers,

For the Beauty of The Earth

Mr. UT and I went for a walk when we FINALLY had a sunny day!
We really love, hiking, holding hands, talking about anything and everything, and connecting.
It really is the best way we listen to each other.
(Well, we can’t escape each other when we are out, so if we fight it’s a long way home!)

I was thinking about how I protect my sobriety, as I never take it for granted.
I love a holistic approach, where all of my body, mind, and soul are respected and love.

Physically, I keep going to my yoga classes, as I find exercise so important in keeping me sober. I walk with hubs. I find that the peace of mind I feel after being out in nature, or moving my body with grace, helps me stay calmer and connected to what my body needs.
It helps me think things through, like a form of meditation.

Connecting with other people in recovery, helps protect me both spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I go to AA meetings, and at my meetings I hear stories of strength and hope.
I share my story at first step meetings and that reminds me of how far I have come and why I never want to go back. We hug, meet for coffee, and I see all of these wonderful souls struggling with the same human emotions I have. 

My blogging world has protected me, immensely. The joy and pain we share, shows we are all human, and we really need love and support. I thank you all so very much.

By volunteering in the recovery world of opioid addiction, I have found a community of people who remind me every day of the importance of and the strength of recovery. They are so joyful. This protects me as this little bit of helping I can give this community brings me gratitude many times over.

Spiritually, I protect myself by praying, keeping a gratitude list, reflecting on the vastness of nature, and being open to feel the touch of God though other people. I pray for all the people in recovery who are struggling, that they find acceptance. I pray for all of those people with disabilities, that they find comfort. I pray for all the people who have pain; mentally, emotionally, and physically, that they find the strength, support, and the love they need.

I keep a gratitude list, and every night, I write one or two things I was so thankful for that day.
This is a powerful tool. It protects me by helping me see all the good in the world.

Nature always brings me joy, by seeing its vastness, beauty and even destruction it brings.
Here, I can feel the touch of God.

I have had several gifts this week, that I would describe as spiritual, or God working through people. They have only happened to me now that I am sober, because, I am open to listening, feeling, and accepting these gifts. People who have listened to me cry. Who have hugged me. Who have gifted me their wisdom and their stories. They touched me deeply.

Slowly changing my eating habits, is helping to protect me. My kidney doctor has helped me with this. As I have to eat way less salt, and drink way more water to keep more stones from forming, I am finally able to choose more protein, and stop eating chips. This keeps my blood sugar levels more stable.
And I have been eating an apple or other fruit for a snack. Of course, ICE CREAM has very little sodium!! 
The only problem with water is that I have to pee a lot more!

I am strong. But I am stronger with a huge support system around me.
If I am aware, I will receive many gifts. 

Today we had another day of sun. It was pure joy.
Laundry done, sheets changed, kitchen picked up, blog written, helping with a training for my volunteer job tonight, and coming home to lights on and hubs waiting to be sure I am safe.

These are my gifts today.

With so Much Love,
On Day 882,

47 thoughts on “Protecting My Sobriety

  1. I'm not sure what kind of stones you get, but my hubby had a big kidney stone one year that had to be removed and the urologist recommended a small glass of orange juice a day. There seems to be some science behind it…Protecting sobriety…and cherishing life. These are gifts.LoveAnne


  2. Hi Anne!My doctor also said adding lemon to my water was good. So there is some science about citrus juices.I still have 6 stones, and I hope my diet and water will keep them from getting bigger! Thank you! xo


  3. What a lovely post Wendy and great pictures. Getting outside in the fresh air is a very important part of my well-being, it always makes me feel more up lifted. X


  4. Lovely to read, Wendy. And beautiful photos!! If you ever worry what your 'purpose' is here on earth (I know I do…lol) – it is just this: sharing your story and what you've learned with so much grace in a way that helps SO MANY others!


  5. I am trying, Michelle!After retiring, I was just all over the place.Then after I got sober and got my cochlear implant, at the same time, I was lost. It has taken 2 years of being sober, to finally have everything in place. Much Love, Michelle!xo


  6. Mrs. Mac, I so agree. I am working on getting myself out walking.For some reason, I will walk with other people, but not myself.I think I distract myself with tv, or social media.But I am working on that, and no doubt I will change!Thank you!xoxoxo


  7. Yes, it is a daily practice.It takes hope, strength, courage, and faith that every thing will be okay.It takes action.I have learned so much these past two years, and it has taken 2 years to have put some of these pieces into place!Thank you, Hurrah!I just got a french press, and I love my coffee!!!So big coffee hug for you!xo


  8. Dear Northwoman1996,Boy do I ever.In fact about a year ago, I wrote a post about it, and was lamenting to all of my friends. After retiring I felt lost. I had no purpose, I thought.Now, I still feel like that from time to time, but I way less so now that I have these things in place.Thank you for reminding me, that just by sharing my story, I hope I am helping even one person.Thank you SO much.Much Love,xo


  9. Such a beautiful and inspiring post, Wendy 🙂 Sobriety is truly a prized possession, isn't it? Take care of those kidneys–big water drinker here(raises hand)! xx


  10. Thank you, Lori!Ugh on the water!! At noon I have to switch from coffee to water and decalf tea. So funny how I couldn't understand how I could live life without drinking! Now I wonder how I did!!Much Love!xo


  11. Aww Wendy, as usual your writing shines through with your loving, peaceful and kind nature. You truly are a beautiful soul <3I love going for walks in parks, especially when it's wintery but not really cold (really cold as in the -20 we have here right now dang it!)What a great list of ways to protect sobriety, thank you so much for sharing. I hope that you and Mr UT have a wonderful weekend!


  12. I need to reread this because you have touched on so many important points that I always plan to include but my life gets in the way. What a lovely insightful and inspiring post Wendy.


  13. HI Ginger!Thank you! I am retired which helps make some of the things I do much easier. If I was still teaching, I was so exhausted and had more work to do at home. Of course I was still drinking to cope with this. It was only after retired I and my drinking got even worse I was slowly able to put the pieces in place to help me!xo


  14. It's so important for me to have that mind-body-spirit connection that speak about so well here. When one part falls off to the side (like my body part, as you know!), the the others start to get wonky. (I hold this to be true, as just yesterday my wife told me that I need to figure out my exercise because I'm starting to get grumpy. She says it in the same way as she used to \”suggest\” I go to a meeting). So I definitely agree with you on that. And I am finding nature is soothing for me. I was never a nature dude. I hate camping and the outdoors and stuff, but when I pass through a park or whatnot, I feel a lot closer to the Universe.Great post!


  15. What a beautiful post, Wendy! I need to learn how to follow blogs from sites other than WordPress. I could learn A LOT from reading you regularly! Thanks for all these wonderful suggestions. You truly do so much to enhance your recovery!!!


  16. Gratitude lists… I used to have one permanently on my blog for a while. I tried to update it daily – always a good idea to stop and remind yourself what you should be grateful for.Inspiring post as every Wendy – thanks


  17. Greetings Un-Tipsy!I appreciate your list. It is a fortress of protection. I need many of the same things: meetings, yoga, blogging…and walks! I tell you it may not be sunny much up your way, but what a beautiful landscape you get to stroll through!It's warmer weather here in DC but all suburban sprawl. The landscape reminds me of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Bon Iver. He cut an album in a snowy MN cabin I think. Anyway, appreciate your insight into the journey. Last day teaching for this guy! (for the week that is)


  18. Ha ha! I bet you have papers to correct, lesson plans to make.I was missing my little ones this week.I might have to go in and visit or read a book to a kindergarten class!We have the best park system here. There are a lot of green spaces and great biking here, too.It took me awhile to build this support for my sobriety, but I am so glad I kept looking.Thank you, Mark!


  19. This is wonderful 🙂 All the things you list that you do to protect your sobriety…are the things I used to value that have fallen to the wayside. Or that I've abandoned. Heading to rehab on Tuesday and I can't wait to get back on track with all of those things. The exercise (I would go 4 times a week to the gym with a personal trainer!), the spirituality, the healthy and clean eating. Mind you, I still managed to drink like a fish while I was doing those things – but eventually the drinking just became 'more important'. Thank you for the reminder xo


  20. Thank you, Shawn!I know I used to go to yoga drunk at times, or tipsy for sure.The drinking became more important for me, too!I wish you the best on your journey, and I will be sure to support you on your way.xo


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