I Am Not Spam

Dear Word Press Bloggers,
I have been trying to leave comments on your blogs, but they are not posting.
I have a message into the security company that monitors spam on Word Press.

Until I hear back from them, I was wondering if you could check your spam folder the next time you are on your site, and see if I am in there?
If I am, can you please un-spam me?

I am feeling bummed that I can’t leave comments!
I am reading your posts, however!

I hope Word Press fixes this soon!

With Love,
On Day 605

23 thoughts on “I Am Not Spam

  1. 😦 Sorry to hear this Wendy. Good that you made a post on it. Since I have WordPress I have made a tiny 'how to' so that people with WordPress can unspam you. I have screen shots as well if you like but I can not enter them here. I'll send them to you by mail.HOW TO UNSPAM DEAR WENDY IN WORPRESSYou are in the Reader from WordPress.- Press 'My Site' at the top left of your screen. The screen to pages with the statistics.- Now press your site name directly below the 'My Site' button. You move to your actual 'front page' which people see when they visit your blog.- In the front page move your cursor to 'My Site' again but do NOT press the button, but scroll down in the drop down menu which appears. Select 'Comments' and press.- In the comments screen now find the word 'Spam' (it is in the top next to All, Pending, Approved) and select.- In the spam inbox you will/might find messages that Word Press selected as spam for you. If Tipsy no more is in there, mouse over the text and below the text the words 'Not Spam', 'History' and 'Delete Permanently' will appear. Choose 'Not Spam' to add Tipsy no more to your friends list again! :-)Hope this helps! :-)xx, Feeling


  2. Dear Wendy, you are very welcome. I would not want to go without any of your wise, sweet, joyful and supportive comments and I gather anybody feels the same about that. xx, Feeling


  3. Thank you, Ripleybelle!You are on Blogger as I am.I can leave comments just fine on Blogger.What I don't understand is how I was leaving comments all over the place and then, bam. The door closed at WordPress! Grrr.xo


  4. ooh look you are in my spam folder. how RUDE of wordpress! thank you Feeling for leaving me an idiot's guide which I followed to the letter 🙂 hope you get it sorted centrally soon Wendy xx


  5. Hi, Wendy! No you are NOT a processed ham product!! The cross-posting between wordpress and blogger can be very annoying (which is honestly why I don't comment as much on Blogger blogs- sorry Blogger bloggers!!)


  6. I've had problems, as well, trying to post at various blogs (where I've seen you Wendy and which led me here). Un-techy me, had'nt even noticed diff between blogger and word press…will give this another try…


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