Going Forward

Dear Readers,
On my last post, Francis, over at FreeCore, left this response to my missing the “fun times” at dinner parties:

“I know I’m only young, but I often reminisce of phases in my life where I enjoyed myself with friends (or alone). Those fun times were at a high-price to my own well-being and family. I think that’s only natural to miss those moments. But whenever you look back on that excitement, rather than focus on how out of control your life was, maybe think about how much you’ve grown and how well you’re doing. Missing those times doesn’t mean you want to be in that time, so don’t ever let that get you down :).”

I kept thinking about his words as I went to my party as well as throughout my weekend.
I have grown, and I am doing well.
And just because I might miss some of those drinking times, does not mean I want to go back to them. 

Today in my AA meeting, I was reminded yet again, that I do not wish to go back to my drinking days. People in my meeting always talk about all that is good in their lives right now because they are sober. They have better relationships with families and friends.
They are able to handle hard situations better. They are calmer, more giving, kinder, and just more content. They have let go of many resentments. They are better able to see destructive patterns in their lives and work on letting go of them. 

It’s the same with me.
I am in a much better place than I was 19 months ago.
And I am happier.

With Love on Day 586,

PS – Dinner party was fun! Lots of love, laughter and good food!

13 thoughts on “Going Forward

  1. Hi Wendy, I often think back to good times and feel nostalgic. But there were many times when alcohol made me miserable. The good times were a long time ago and I can't go back. I'm glad you had fun at the dinner party. 586 days is awesome! A x


  2. Hi Lou!I am the master when it comes to comparing myself to others.I am working on that and it is getting better!But I didn't think of it in terms of comparing different times in our loves to each other!Another thing for me to think about!xo


  3. Such a lovely and very helpful post. Thanks for this! These days I really do know that I don't want to go back, but it's good to read such a solid reminder. Big hug to you! xo


  4. I tend to compare myself to others. But I don't achieve anything with those comparisons. I am my own person and I need to focus on me. Not others. It is easier said than done. One thing that definitely changes life when sober, I don't have to worry about planning my time around drinking. Simple. Life becomes simpler in that regard.


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