17 Months Sober!

Dear Readers,
We had a beautiful snowstorm this week. It was the prettiest snow! It was one of those days that you could just stand at your window and be awed by the beauty.
Of course, I was stuck on the highway for a long time, but no matter!

Looking Out My Window

After being sick for almost a month, I am finally feeling better. But I have been procrastinating on writing my blog posts. I have been distracting myself a little too much.

But I love writing.
It’s one of the ways I can be creative, and I have been missing it.

I signed up to lead my AA meeting for the month of February. I work well with a little bit of structure, and so this will help me get to my meeting as well as be of service to others. It’s not hard. 
And here is the one thing I know will happen:
I will receive way more than I give.

People everywhere are lonely. They are afraid. They fear growing old by themselves. They have been hurt by people they love. They have had to put parents into hospice. Their children have problems. They lose jobs. They struggle to find their place in the world.

Every time I go into my meeting, I hear all of these fears and more. 
I hear of how we have tried to run away from these things by drinking or using drugs.

But I also hear words of faith and hope, words that come from the heart.
They tell me over and over again, we are not alone.
Whether someone has been sober for years or a few days, I listen to what they have to say.
Because I never know who will speak words that speak to me.

I am so grateful to be sober today.  I was reading a book where a character’s drinking problem was fully described. I thought to myself, “Yuck! So glad I don’t do that anymore!”

Now, I wanted to take cookies to my meeting. The night before, they sat in a bag, calling to me. My hubs said, “What are they calling you, tubby?”
Ha. That was funny. He makes me laugh! 
I ate them. Left some for him and had to go out to buy more!

With No More Cookies but Lots of Snow,
On Day 488,

24 thoughts on “17 Months Sober!

  1. Happy Happy 17 months! Your attitude toward service to others is beautiful and inspiring; I'd love to go to a meeting led by you :). Speaking of beauty, that view from your window is lovely! xx


  2. Un-tipsy you need to take a minute to rejoice in the support you give others. Your generous words spread widely over blogs all over the soberverse, take a moment to reflect on how much you do for others and how tirelessly you give yourself in words of wisdom. Eat the cookies cos the real treats are the messages you share.


  3. Hi Wendy, Lovely post. 17 months is a wonderful achievement. I hope I can follow your footsteps. I really want to experience a meeting one day. Now just to find the courage to go to one.The snow looks beautiful!A x


  4. That is a beautiful picture of the snowfall wow!!! I am so very jealous, we don't often get that kind of snow in Vancouver. Happy you're finally feeling better – a month is too long to be sick! 17 months hey? – amazing lady xo


  5. Wendy, congratulations on your 17 months. as echoed in the comments before me, your beautiful words and service to others is delightful. i rejoice in YOUlove from Lisa


  6. brrrrr – now you are making me feel grateful for the mild weather here in England – there may be grey skies but at least my toes are warm! and well done you for seeing past the inconvenience to the beauty. that's a lesson I need to keep re-learning every day. congrats on your wonderful 17 months – had we clicked before that we're both on the 4th? celebrations all round and lots of love to you! Prim xxPS pass those cookies 😉


  7. Hey Wendy – lovely post, and I envy your snow! Congrats on 17 months, and thanks as always for your support. And cookies – don't get me started. Now I'm lying in bed here (blissfully hangover-free) and trying to work out if I have any cookies anywhere!! Red xx


  8. Yes. You never know where you will hear those words.As a yoga teacher I feel I have a chance to touch the inner light in people. So many of us are sad and lonely and disconnected. I try to remind us that the peace and love and happiness we are all searching for is inside us. We just need to look inward.I'm glad you ate the cookies. I hope you enjoyed every bite!


  9. Thank you, Anne!My yoga teachers are very inspirational to me! Most of them are warm, loving people, and they were the first ones I opened up to about my drinking.Thank you for helping so many people!xo


  10. 17 months! Congratulations. You've come so far and you accomplished so much.I've been sick for the past two weeks and I know how it feels. Sickness takes us over and there is no place left for anything else but just trying to get better. I am glad you are doing better.


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