Sweet Fur Love

Turkey, please!

Dear Readers,

This was my second sober Thanksgiving, and it was a sweet treat!
I saw some of my family, who live in another state; my sister, her husband, and some of my nephews and nieces.
I love them so much.
I met and held my new great-niece, so snuggly and cute.
And then of course, there were hugs and licks from the fur friends.
Dogs are important in my family.
We grew up with them, love them, and they hold a special place in our hearts.
Dogs have helped many of us heal.
Hubs and I had a dog, named Wolf, who helped me through a tough job situation, depression, and other medical issues. I used to walk for miles with Wolf. 

Wolf and Me

Although we don’t have a dog now, we will when hubs retires. 

This Thanksgiving, sober, was calm, loving and warm. I have some social anxiety, but had none this time. In the past I always felt like I had to prove something to everybody. That I had to be funny, or cute, or dressed lovely, or anything other than just myself. 

I can get hyper in social situations. Drinking helped ease some of that, but of course, I would have more and more, and then I’d get obnoxious and loud. This year, I used breathing to help calm myself down. My Loved One talked me through my fears, and had me breathe. It really helped. Then I could relax and be there for my family. Including my fur family.

With Slobber and Love On Day 453

22 thoughts on “Sweet Fur Love

  1. Hi Wendy, I'm glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. The dogs are gorgeous. It's amazing how rich pets can make your life. I miss my cat who passed away 9 years ago. 453 days is awesome! A x


  2. So happy you had a nice Thanksgiving 🙂 I struggle with social anxiety, too, I have been feeling it creep around recently. Our furry friends are really family members, aren't they? My big boxer boy is lying beside me snoring as I type this. I wish you the best during your surgery, I will be thinking about you. xx


  3. I'm so allergic to animals, but have been walking dogs with my daughter at the SPCA.I started very scared of dogs. I have gotten so much braver.I have social anxiety. When it appears now I can't talk. It's like my tongue freezes. I used to drink to hide it. I guess I preferred to appear drunk. It ,add more sense.Now I just realize I get talked out and go home.Whatever it takes!


  4. Hi Anne!Social anxiety is hard. I didn't have it teaching, nor was public speaking an issue. For me it's about trying too hard, which makes me hyper or withdrawn. It makes sense to just go home after a lot of conversation.I'm glad you are helping walk dogs!I'm scared of horses. xo


  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Love the pups. My husband never wanted dogs and now he can't imagine his life without them. I always knew we needed dogs.So happy you embraced your sober thanksgiving. I did mine as well.Sherry


  6. Beautiful Wendy, once again your strength shines through.Gorgeous dogs, we are dog people to. Currently we have 2 and they know the sound of hubs cleang the roasting dish of gravy and assume the position at his feet……..and yes he gives them the remnants to lick. Second Christmas 's coming up, rock on to us both.


  7. Sounds like a lovely time with your family, two and four legged. I have social anxiety too but oddly, I used to get hyper when I drank, like I was on amphetamines type hyper…and yes, the loud and obnoxious too (I just looked up to the roof/sky then in relief that I am no longer like that) Wolf looks gorgeous, as do you! aside from the acid wash, hoop earrings and headband…is that a shoulder pad I see under your shirt!? hahaha


  8. I am obsessed with my dogs! Love that you got some good doggy love over thanksgiving ;0)I do the same in social situations BTW – I get loud and over excited! Overload. I try to connect and in doing so completely take over and annoy people (thats how it looks to me anyway) Yes to gong home after social stuff. Being alone. Chilling.Lots of love Un-Tipsy one xxx


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