Not Boring!

Dear Readers,
As I sit and write this, I am in awe of this autumn in Minnesota. It continues to be simply glorious. It is warm, sunny, with the bluest skies I have ever seen.
Knowing the cold is coming soon, I am soaking this up.

I had several more sober learning experiences this week.

The first was a surprise birthday dinner party, where out of eight women, I only knew the birthday girl. I met some of the women by myself at the bar, and I told them up front that I didn’t drink. In fact, I made it a joke, saying I was the birthday girl’s old, boring, not drinking person. Of course then I had to prove I wasn’t boring! I was so comfortable not drinking, even though the other women had plenty of wine. I was just myself, and making an occasional joke that was funny.

Then, On Halloween night, my hubs and I had a fire in our outdoor fireplace on the driveway, as we waited for the kids to come.  My hubs got us dry ice, and we put it in our fuzzy grape juice. We had cheese, crackers, pumpkin cookies. The kids loved it, calling it the bonfire. 

Halloween With Dry Ice and Fuzzy Grape Juice!

What a fun night!

Alcohol would not have made either of these nights more enjoyable or happy. In fact, I know my hubs and I would end up arguing, and I would have been driving drunk. Instead I was funny, happy, and laughing.

I am finally understanding of the time needed to heal from drinking. 
Not only time for my body and brain to heal, but the learning that must go on to make the leap from drinking to happy sober, not just sober.

Waiting for the Kids 

With each new experience, I find I am gaining strength, with each day that passes I also gain strength.
Everything is so much calmer.
And I have to say, this truly is a miracle.

With Fun and Delight, 
On Day 424

28 thoughts on “Not Boring!

  1. Your life looks so fun. Isn't it amazing to realize that we can still do silly things and now they actually turn out fun?The bonfire was a great idea.So often I drank thinking I was adding to the night, but all it does is blur it all.You and your husband are awesome!


  2. Great post … \”make the leap from drinking to happy sober, not just sober.\” This has me thinking – the stages of recovery maybe … I was forcably dry for 9 months – i.e. I fought the urge to drink daily then dry the sober(ish) then sober then comfortably sober – I think I'm in the happy sober category now… I'm slow though it's taken me over a decade to get here!


  3. Hi Graham!I like the term \”comfortably sober\”. I think I go in and out of stages.There is only one situation that bothers me, and that is small dinner parties with our close couple friends. In that case, I am just sober. xoWendy


  4. Yes, being \”happy sober\” is the ultimate goal! Thanks for sharing…not sure how I would have done at the bar with people I didn't know! Yikes! xx


  5. Love this post and the honesty of saying that small dinner parties still bother you. Those are the times that bother me too — the intimate times. I can say no in larger groups so much easier!


  6. So happy to hear you're doing well. I remember my first winter in recovery. I was in awe of the first snow fall like I hadn't noticed it in years. I even brought my little brother outside and made a snowman. Great uplifting post. Take Care. 🙂


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