The Smiles are Real

Dear Readers,
Last week, we went to a play, a parody of the all the Housewives shows, which I love.
I was super excited to go and laugh!
We got there early and decided to go to a new restaurant and have a drink before going in. We ordered our AF drinks and had so much fun just talking.

Then the show!
Except…I couldn’t understand any of the dialogue. None of it.
So we left at intermission, and went to dinner instead.

But, for once, I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t sad that I couldn’t hear. 
My lack of hearing affects me, but it doesn’t control me.
Maybe I can’t go to plays, but I can do many other things.

Being hearing impaired presents challenges to be sure, and I never know in what situation I will be able to hear much or not. But it doesn’t mean I can’t have a full and happy rest of my life! It’s up to me. I can decide to look for the light or the dark.

Dinner was so fun.
Mr. Untipsy told me all about the play (well, the first half).
And we laughed.
Our smiles are real here. 
They show us being happy with just being thankful for good food and the delightful company of each other.

With Much Love,

On Day 389

23 thoughts on “The Smiles are Real

  1. Sounds fun! This is what it's all about. Going with the flow. I need 10 minutes to readjust then off to the next adventure. Two restaurants in one night would make me happy! Lori


  2. Hello Wendy,I have the deepest admiration of how you deel with your hearing loss. I find it very impressive. I am happy you had a wonderful evening. And you have beautiful memories and a beautiful photo to show it. A handsome fella you've got there. :-)xx, Feeling


  3. Hi Wendy. Sounds like a lovely evening. I really admire how you deal with the problem of not hearing. Turning the evening into one that was lovely for you and your husband shows amazing ability to accept life as it is, and that's wonderful. Thanks for writing about this. xo


  4. do you find that the loop hearing devices help at all in some places? I have a friend who has a severe hearing impairment. He went to his grandsons presentation evening. He knew the venue – a big theatre – had a loop system he'd used previously. But they turned it off as they were worried it would interfere with the video recording they were doing. He was so angry about it he wrote to the headmaster complaining.


  5. Such beautiful happy smiles. So glad you didn't let it ruin your evening. I'm so inspired by this – find the good in every situation and you'll never be disappointed.Thank you for this.Sherry


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