Lazy Summer Days

Baseball in Minneapolis! Go Twins!!

Eating out is Fun!

Dear Readers,
I have been a poor blogger friend lately!
(Thank you, Anne for spurring me on!)
I have been letting summer take over my brain, and my thinking has slowed down.
If I have the choice of writing a post or playing a computer game…well.
However, I haven’t been a complete slug!

I had the honor of meeting a delightful sober blooger, A Rewarding Life, at a cool coffee shop.
We shared our stories of life and sobriety, of loss and of love.

Also, this week, I tried kayaking on one of our lovely city lakes. I know how to canoe, so after a little bit, I felt comfortable. It was a calm, peaceful day. I really loved it.

Summer is a wonderful place to be here in Minnesota, as we know the cold will be coming.
It’s a time to have deck nights, go to baseball games, eat at outdoor cafes, bike, and hike.
Sometimes, it just might be naps, or reading a book.
I have been doing this all.

This week I was recounting some of my funny and not-so-funny drinking times to some close friends. We were having drinks on a patio outdoors, wine for them, AF beer for me.
It helps to keep remembering why I am choosing not to drink.
It wasn’t a matter of just drinking a little bit too much once in awhile.

As long as I don’t think about whether I am happier not drinking, then I am.
As soon as I start to analyze it, I get anxious, and start to wonder.
It really is better for me to just stay in the moment happy.
To just not drink today.

But in the end, I have to ask myself, am I happier in the long run not drinking?
I know I am.
So is my husband.
Sometimes, doing the right thing, doing the hard thing, will lead to a happier life.

With Sunshine on Day 327

20 thoughts on “Lazy Summer Days

  1. HI Wendy,Overthinking and analysis paralysis and comparing all led me back to the one sad and lonely place. It's funny how the good times can lead us to reflect and if we are not mindful we can wander back to that territory every time.Just like we come to take for granted the lazy heat at the end of summer, cherish the clarity and calm of sober.Thanks,bren


  2. Dear Wendy,You look beautiful and happy. And that makes me happy and enjoy my sobriety through yours. :-)What an amazingly big arena that is! Wow! I find it funny how indeed thinking about not drinking causes anxiety while not drinking and not thinking about (not) drinking actually brings peace. Hmmm, not going to think about it ;-)Have a nice lazy Minnesota summer,xx, Feeling


  3. It\”s good to hear you'reenjoying the summer, and it must have been exciting to meet a fellow blogger! Day 327 those lovely summer sober days are adding up! xx


  4. HI Wendy,It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer! I am shivering here in Melbourne, we are having a very cold winter.You look so happy in your photo. Your happiness is contagious. I want to be as happy as you look in that photo.I like what Bren said too, 'cherish the clarity and calm of sober'. I must try and do that.Have a great day.A xx


  5. hi Wendyi am glad you are making the most of your summer, coupled with your sobriety. well done you for being active, and how cool meeting a fellow sober bloggerhugsLisa


  6. Summer is beautiful here too, in northern Canada. I don't like to think of winter and -40.I am definitely happier not drinking. I am happier today than I have ever been in my life. I just don't see any down side. I wa spelling a friend about how I felt in that last year of drinking, how sad and depressed and full of self hatred I felt. And she had NO CLUE.She told me I seemed so fun, confident and friend,y.It's funny just how well we can hide things, perhaps even from ourselves.I love my freedom. Clarity and peace of mind. Glad to heard from you!Anne


  7. Wendy – You are so freaking adorable I almost can't stand it! Summer here has been just hot and humid so no one is getting out much. We can't wait for fall here in the Carolinas.Enjoy!Sherry


  8. Canoeing is so much fun :). glad you're doing well. I'm happy to know you're still staying strong and staying away from the Alchol, well done to you. Only been away for a month and it already looks like you got loads of readers! Looking forward to reading more from you.Francis


  9. Hey – I'm in Arizona and I can tell you it's hot here! Although we've had a lot of rain from our summer storms, which helps the desert bloom and brings the heat down a bit.Once upon a time I used to be a teacher as well so I can understand the stress of it all. I'll bet it took you a year after walking away to really feel like yourself again.SC


  10. WendyI love in fort McMurray, Alberta. We have beautiful, long summer days and cold, dark winters.Some day I would like to live somewhere without snow. At least for a while. I love flip flops.


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