Happy Fourth of July!

Dear Readers,
Here is a WONDERFUL post for 4th of July from UnPickled!
Called Your Own Personal Independence Day!
If you are still trying to get or stay sober on this holiday, read her post!!
Mine is nice, but not that helpful!!

Guess what the five top drinking holidays are in the US?

1. New Year’s Eve
2. Christmas
3. Fourth of July
4. St. Patrick’s Day
5. Thanksgiving

I got this information from a short article in Netscape.
I do know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans spend the most money on alcohol. It’s like a party for two months!

None of this information surprises me.

I do wonder how many people drink more than they will admit.
Or dismiss problem drinking as, “everybody drinks too much at parties and holidays”.
Or at ball games, or just after putting kids to sleep, or after a hard days work, or on weekends…

From Psych Central:

  • Problem drinkers and alcoholics love the holidays because there are more social occasions to drink. They say they feel more “normal” because the occasional drinkers are also more likely to abuse alcohol during this time of year. Consequently, people with alcoholism drink and drive more frequently. Unlike occasional drinkers, they have a high tolerance for alcohol and can consume large amounts before showing effects.
This was so true for me. I never realized it until I read it today. All the social drinkers would drink more, so that meant I could drink a lot more. This was true for me at weddings, parties, or anytime people were drinking! 
Yesterday my hubby had off. 
We went golfing, went out to eat for breakfast, walking around a downtown lake, and went to fireworks! I was so tired!
Today I am hanging in while he does lawn work.
Then it’s off to a party with close friends. 
This is the first time I am not anxious about not drinking or being around wine at a small party. It is becoming a normal part of my life. I am a warm, loving person without it. Maybe not rowdy, drunk fun, but still fun.

Love on Day 303

3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Warm and loving sounds so much nicer than rowdy and drunk. No one really wants rowdy friends, unless they are wanting to be rowdy with them.I find people so much more interesting these days! I actually listen.


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