Summer Fun on Day 294

Flowers on my Deck

Dear Readers,
I have been having a hard time coming up with a blog post.
I think it’s partly because, it’s summer and I AM HAVING FUN!!
I have been focusing on meeting people for walks, coffee, yoga, golfing, or anything.
I even pulled weeds from my garden today! SHOCK!
My flowers on my deck are lovely, my husband is handsome, and I am rather happy.
And I am sober.

Last summer was not so fun.
I was struggling, trying to stop drinking.
I was still hiding my drinking from my Loved One.
My urges were awful.
I just couldn’t do it.
Until, one day, I could.

It took a leap of faith, a hope, a dream, that there was a better life for me. One filled with love and laughter, with flowers, and sanity. It has been worth the fight. My marriage is better, I am reaching out to people more, I am growing up a little bit. 

I just need to remember to keep being kind to myself. I still get mad at myself sometimes, and as my therapist said, getting mad doesn’t help me solve a problem. I am slowly, (very slowly), letting go of my rigidity. I even went to yoga without my make-up on! It’s a little thing, but yet freeing.

If you are still drinking, or struggling, don’t give up hope.
But take action.
I couldn’t wish my drinking problem away.
I had to do everything in my power to change, asking for help.
You too, are worth it.

With Love On Day 294

16 thoughts on “Summer Fun on Day 294

  1. Hi Wendy,It sounds like you are in a good place. It's wonderful! I hope I can be that happy one day. Day 294 is awesome, you are doing so well. A x


  2. What a lovely post 🙂 I was sober last summer, but I don't remember much about it 😉 I was still struggling in early days. This year it's much sweeter. Lovely flowers! Lori K xx


  3. Wendy, it does spund like you are having fun! Keep on having fun. And once again, thank you for encouraging and inspiring words. Write whenever you feel like. We are here, patiently waiting. 🙂


  4. I am with you this sober summer! First one without alcohol for me too. I want to have so much sober fun and blog about all of it! That's the plan. To prove to others that there's life after alcohol…..Love ya!Jeannette


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