Vibrant on Day 282

Dear Readers,
My husband has been home on vacation for a week. 
We have had some fun and did some work around the house.
Here’s the best. Although we had some minor disagreements, we got along the whole week.
No big arguments and no picking on each other (much).
This makes me happy.
Because I don’t want to live my life as a “wish I could drink” person, making his life miserable.
I want to be the person who loves my life sober, which in turn will make his life better.
Last night, we went to our favorite outside place to eat. It was full so we ended up sitting at the outside bar.
Sipping our bubbly water with lemon and lime.
It was a little anxiety producing for me.
I thought of all the times I had been there and had been drinking plenty.
I still have strong feelings connected to places we love to go, where we used to drink.
But once again, I focused on the food, and making nice small talk with my husband.
Lisa, (her blog here!), said it perfectly in a comment.
The word she used was “vibrant”.
I focused on that word last night, and she was right.
The food tasted clean, and sweet.
The people watching was fun.
The colors of the flowers, my pretty dress, the blue sky were alive.
In fact, the whole night was alive!
I am awake this morning, happy and free.
Oh, and we are off to a movie!
I can smell the popcorn from here!

10 thoughts on “Vibrant on Day 282

  1. I believe the anxiety will go away with time..and be replaced by the joy of being able to notice and remember the fun happening around you 😉 Lori K xx


  2. Hi Wendy,I'm glad you had a good week with your husband. Hopefully the anxiety will eventually disappear. It's funny how you can think how nice it would be to have a glass of wine when you go out somewhere, but waking up sober the next day makes saying no thanks all the more worth while!Have a great day.A x


  3. Hi Wendythanks for the mention! wow, i feel famous!!glad you enjoyed your vibrant night out and i hope that popcorn was really buttery!!hugs from Lisa


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