9 Months and Walking Strong

A thousand moments I had just taken for granted –
Mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand more.
 – Morgan Matson

Dear Readers,
I saw this message posted on FaceBook today, and I was moved.
It isn’t new, but I think I was ready to hear it.
I have just this life to make a difference, one little moment at a time.
To create small, meaningful moments, and interactions.
This is what I think is central to life.

Every day I stay sober, helps me and everyone I love.
In fact, it helps people beyond my circle of life.
This is what I can give to the world right now.
This is the most important thing I can do to make sure I don’t hurt myself, someone I love, and even people I don’t know.

What other things can I do to create meaning in my life?
I can write this blog.
I can read and comment on other people’s blogs.
I can share my story at meetings. 
I can share my laughter with friends.
I can hug my Loved One more.
I can build people up.
I can text a friend or family member, and give them a message of hope.
I can clean the house for my Loved One.
I can walk outside.
I can create a positive interaction.
I can give the gift of attention to someone.
I can make a person smile.

Sometimes I have been focused on making meaning in a big way, and not noticing all the small ways I can help the world.

When I look at what I consider are “good” days, one or more of these things happen – I meet a friend.
I talk to the workers in the coffee shop.
I go to yoga and hug a yoga teacher or yoga buddy.
I get outside.
I read something, learn.
I talk to someone in my family.
I hug and kiss my Loved One, and pay attention to what he says.
I write comments on sober blogs.

This week I had no romancing the drink. I had no wishing I could drink. I was at peace with not drinking. It didn’t even enter into my thoughts. For this I am so grateful. 

On Day 275

10 thoughts on “9 Months and Walking Strong

  1. Good post. I like the way you have listed the things you can do to make a difference, I tend to think that way (in lists) and it helps sort things out for me. Now I am feeling better my thoughts are turning to how I can make a positive difference in my own life and in other people's lives. Baby steps for me for now but it's a start.Thank you for commenting on my blog, my first one! 🙂


  2. Hi Wendy,Great post! We have to remember that we only have this one life and that we have to make it count. I cringe when I think of all the years I have wasted because of booze or poor choices. Congrats on day 275! You are doing so well.A x


  3. you make a BIG difference to my life by commenting on my Blog. thank you for this. i am so pleased for you and we are both inching ever so close to that Day 365 arent we? tomorrow i will make more of an effort to appreciate the small things thanks to this Postlove from Lisa


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