A Gift to Others, A Gift to Myself

Dear Readers,
As I continue on this path of not drinking, I am understanding the immense importance of helping other people on their path to sobriety.
In AA, sharing your story, service, and sponsoring other people are a cornerstone of the program. 

There is a reason for this.
By helping other people, I get out of my own headspace.
I get away from self-centeredness and focus on someone else.

And guess what. It really does work!
There is some research behind the the helper theory in recovery.
People who help other people, stay sober longer themselves!
Some of the research is hard to read, but in case you want to read all the little figures and big words, go here.
However, there is a short easy-to-read article here.

But what if you don’t go to meetings?
What other ways can you help?
Being a sober pen-pal for someone can help.
Writing a blog, and responding to other people’s blog helps.

Who helped me?
My husband
My family
My friends
My Women for Sobriety friends
My AA friends
My sponsor
My yoga teachers
My yoga fellow learners
My life coach
My doctors
My former co-workers
My blogger friends

Yes, I have to do it myself, but not alone. The most powerful help comes from other people saying, “Yes, I get it. Yes, I did that too. Yes, you too can stop drinking and be really happy!”

A gift to you is a gift to myself. 

To all my friends in recovery who are struggling? Don’t give up trying. Reach out for help, and keep reaching out. When you have a hand to hold yours, hang on tight. 

14 thoughts on “A Gift to Others, A Gift to Myself

  1. helping others in all areas of our lives is crucial in taking our minds off SELF – wishing others happiness and helping others is fundamental in buddhist teachings and for good reason i have learned. me and self are not good places to be…..hugslisa


  2. I have to admit that blogging helps me tremendously. I feel so much more accountable then ever before when I was struggling by myself. Support does matter a lot. Being able to help others matters even more.


  3. So proud of you so far Wendy 🙂 feel like you're growing more and more everytime I read your blogposts. Helping people is an amazing way to make other people feel better and help yourself feel better in the process. Keep up those positive cycles, good karma is coming your way! Hugs,FrancisGrowing Positive


  4. Beautiful words :-). It helps so much to know someone else has similar struggles, and to know recovery is possible! Lori K


  5. I've heard it said of sobriety You have to give it away to keep it. And it's true. In the early days I felt I had little to give and mostly took from those further down the path. Now I know this is not true. Listening to reminders of the struggles and despair of the early days is very effective at reinforcing my knowledge that getting sober is the correct way to live. http://Www.soberisthenewrachelblack.blogspot.co.uk


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