Day 172 and Wimpy

Dear Readers,
Another week spent with a cold.
I’m such a wimp. 
I cry and complain to my Loved One, who shows great restraint…for awhile!
“It’s just a cold!” he says.
(Even Loved Ones have their limit!)

I am going to physical therapy for my jaw, which got pulled out of place when I had my cochlear implant. It’s a pain! (Yes, I tried to make a joke!)
So, I complained to my Loved One about having to do jaw exercises.
He says, “Do you want to get better?”

I get sore from going to 3 yoga classes in a row, sometimes pulling my back when I try even more. I complain to my Loved One. Everyone else can go to 5 classes in a row! He says, “When will you learn. Three classes a week is all you can do.”

What I have YET to learn is,
I can NOT complain to my Loved One.

PS- I was trying to be kind of funny here, but I missed the mark. I have to take more time writing my posts! Even my Loved One was wondering why I was posting this! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day 172 and Wimpy

  1. A www. You can complain here though! This too shall pass and a brighter day will materialize. Much greater probability of that without booze, right? Sorry you've been under the weather and having a tough time. LOTS of hugs!!!SR


  2. Hey Wendysorry for all you are going through right now. But can I say with the greatest of love and intention, try some gratitude practice, it might help…you have a lot to be grateful for.hugsLisaps. ha, huh huh, I am a fine one to talk !!


  3. Ahhh – poor TNM. Hope you feel better soon. We are always here to listen. Sometimes you need to get it out and move on.My long suffering husband feels the same as yours sometimes I guess.Big hug and wishes for a good day x Claire


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