Another First

Dear Readers,
I have been sober on a vacation before,
but not “happily” sober. 
This vacation was my first “happy” sober trip!

My dear friend did not drink while I was there, which was very cool! 
However, I was not tempted, didn’t feel sorry for myself, and was happy being with my friend, her dog (my God dog), the sunshine and blue skies.

The only very mild urge that ran through my head, was on the airplane home, where they had free drinks for Valentine’s Day. I thought through the drink, dismissed it, and had a nice trip home.

Vacations are tricky. Alcohol is everywhere! In the airport, on the plane, at the resort, at dinner, at the pool, and on and on. Sometimes I would drink too much, sometimes not. But I always drank. What’s a vacation if you don’t drink?

I was just as relaxed on this trip not drinking as I had been on my others.
I was just as happy, in fact happier because I wasn’t all hung over.
I laughed just as much, probably more, because alcohol makes me moody.
I went out to eat and enjoyed the view, my friend, and the food!

If I had been drinking, I would have gotten drunk. I would have started drinking in the airport, and would drink more on the plane.  I would have bought several bottles of wine and drank at least one bottle a day. I would have had more wine at dinner, probably at lunch.
I would have probably wrecked my own vacation with my friend, who I don’t see very often anymore.

I am so happy I didn’t drink.

12 thoughts on “Another First

  1. Your description of what you would have done on a drinking vacation is exactly what I would have done on a drinking vacation, and I agree with you now that it just seems so unappealing. It's wonderful that vacations without the booze are truly lovely. I'm so glad you had fun! xo


  2. Wendy, that is so cool. Its just fantastic catching up with awesome friends and especially ones who are supportive. I am truly stoked for you. Well done. You deserve to be happy.hugslisa


  3. Well done. I can completely relate.It's so much easier if your companion isn't drinking – so nice to not even think about it.I'm so pleased for you. It sounds as if you had a great break. I love the fact you have a god-dog ;)Have a good week xxx


  4. As much as I loved to drink on vacation I never drank on an airplane. I always found this interesting as many people talk about drinking on planes but for whatever reason that is the one place I did not want to drink.I am so happy you didn't drink too and that you are doing so well. Good job!


  5. What an awesome \”First\”! I'm sure it was wonderful to be present during your vacation, not worrying about your wine supply or nursing a hangover! Lori K


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