Dear Readers,
I am on vacation visiting a friend in Arizona!
It’s sunny and 85! 
I’m using my cell phone, so just wanted to tell you all,
I’m good!! It’s so good seeing my friend, and getting out of the cold.
I’ll write more tomorrow!
Peace and Hugs!

6 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. HI WENDYI have just read a comment you made somewhere. krikey, I didn't realise you had been sober for a year prior to this.oh gosh, you are doing well. stories like this make me even more vigilant. it is such a fragile thing!what caused your relapse, (I hope you don't mind me asking?)Lisa


  2. Hi Lisa!I wasn't ready yet. I told everyone I could stay sober for a year. Then I had a drink at hubby's birthday party. I had thought I could moderate.It took a few more years to realize I had enough, couldn't moderate, and I am better off not drinking.Way better off! When I can type on a real computer, I can give you a few more details.Peace!!


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