Dear Readers,
One of my new sober hobbies is taking photos when I walk.
I love to find new treasures to photograph and post them on FB!

I look for anything that catches my eye, and try to look a little closer.
What can I highlight that makes it come alive, or stand out?
What colors and patterns can I see?
Why does it catch my eye?
How can I frame this in the best light?

As I gain more time not drinking, I need to look at myself a little closer. 
What parts of myself can I highlight?
What colors and patterns do I notice in my thoughts and behaviors?
What parts of me catches other people’s eyes?
How can I frame myself in the best light?

To continue to grow in sobriety as well as a person,
I find I must be very observant of my thoughts and behaviors.
If I see patterns of negative ones, I am learning to let them go.
I want to focus on the positive ones. 

There is a beautiful world of nature outside, if we just take a look.
And if we shine the light inside of us, we will see the beauty there, too.

8 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Aw Great! I'm happy that you found a hobby. Taking photographs can be so much fun and if you can spend time looking at nature at the same time, then even better! Know exactly what you mean about trying to notice your negative patterns and let them go. Focusing on positive ones and even making new ones can be so hard, but it always takes time creating new cycles. Well done to you for trying something new recently! You've definitely created a good portrait of yourself 😉 hah. Growing Positive


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