4 Months or 120 Days

Dear Readers,
I read a quote on FB this morning.
It spoke to me loud and clear.
“Nostalgia is a liar.”
Yes, it is. 
If I get the longing for the “good old days” when it comes to drinking, and really think through them?
Well, there were only a few years of the “good”.

Why is it so hard to divorce oneself from alcohol?
Is that all there is to me? A drink? A bottle of wine?
Am I not a warm, loving person?
Am I not a creative, energy-filled person?
Am I not a lover of life?

I am very ready for a new year. 
I am changing, even if its at a snail’s pace! 
I am filled with a sense of growing outward.
I am ready for a shift.

I want to build the kind of memories I can be proud of. Memories filled with joy and peace.
There will be pain in life. I understand that. But now I also understand I can meet it face on, a little bit at a time, without using a drink to cope. That is my wish for everyone who is reading this and trying to stay sober. 

Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “4 Months or 120 Days

  1. What a great post! Happy 120 days. It's so hard to take that first step, but it gets much better doesn't it? Lori K xx


  2. I'm at 120 days. I wanted to get sober to see that I could. Then, I was court ordered to by wearing a alcohol reading anklet that can read if I have a drop of it in my system through moisture and ethanol vapors from my skin. The anklet comes off in about a week and I am a little giddy about whether or not to have a beer with work friends for the first time since I started my new job a month ago. I know that I love how I feel as I write this. And how I feel every morning I wake up. But there are parts of the social, craft brew drinking lifestyle that I miss. I'm hoping that because I have been awakened spiritually and understand how good life is without drinking as a priority, I can have a couple beers Friday after work and not let it get out of control like it did before. I'm a conscious person that knows that the light in me shines strongest with reliance on the outside forms that could otherwise affect my awakened consciousness. But should I even test it? I'd like to think that I can enjoy my freedoms like every other adult on the planet. But am I an afflicted addict that has this \”disease\” that lurks within me that is just waiting to be fueled? I believe I am stronger than any \”pain-body\” form that is somehow manifested in some.


  3. Thank you for commenting.I think each one of us have to find our own way.I can only speak for myself, now that I am over 500 days.I know I could control my drinking for a week, maybe a month. But then it would get out of control again.I am so much better off not drinking.There were reasons you stopped drinking.Remember the \”bad\” things. We tend to only remember the romantic parts of drinking.Hugs..don't drink.Your life really will be better!xoWendy


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