Finding Light Around The World

Dear Readers,

In December, darkness comes so soon. Gray days haunt me. I run around the house turning on EVERY light! It’s the only way I can cope with my depression and low energy, without moving to the Southwest. (LOL) 

Drinking was one way I tried to cope with dark days, dark thoughts, and dark feelings. As I sit here on another gray day, I am thankful I can find light. I am thankful that I live in a place where I can go to a meeting if I wish, where I can get good treatment, where I can call someone.

I am also thankful for all the people around the world who are showing me their light. They are sober. They might be happy or sad, but they KNOW they are better off not drinking, and by sharing their story, they light the way for more people to stay sober. Like me! 

And, I hope I can keep the light on for somebody else, by sharing my story, hopes and dreams! It’s all each one of us can do, really. Just share what works for us.

Oh, and my Loved One? He keeps showing me the electric bill!

2 thoughts on “Finding Light Around The World

  1. it is our pleasure to share and show you our light, albeit dim sometimes. you are rocking, GO pmg, did some MASSIVE SHOPPING TODAY.!!!!hugs from


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