Not a Drop in 60 Days

Dear Readers,

How did this happen?
I have no idea how I got to 60 days,
And yet,
Here I am.

If I am not writing 
As clearly as I could,
Please forgive me,
As I am recovering
From my operation.

Having an operation,
Does keep you from feeling like drinking,
But I wouldn’t recommend it! 

However, the day before my 
Surgery, my Evil Little Liar Voice
It told me, “This would be a great day
To drink.”

Now, I didn’t drink, but I wondered
Why I was having the urges.
Of course. I was running away from
My feelings;
Scared and nervous.

I am learning how to cope with

I am finding that
Recovery from drinking, (or an operation),
Is a process.
It just can’t be hurried.

Wanting to be well,
Cannot be hurried.
Wanting to be whole,
Cannot be hurried.
Wanting the pain to go away,
Can’t be hurried.

Wanting, and waiting
For the spirit to unfold,
Cannot be hurried.

Time is the glue.
Giving myself the gift of time.

What do I do to keep from going crazy?
With all the time I have, 
Now that I’m not drinking it away,
And while I waiting to heal?

Writing helps.
Reading helps.
Napping helps.
Walking helps.
Cleaning a closet helps.
Calling friends and family helps. 
Eating fresh, wonderful food helps. 
Even taking pictures with my cell phone camera.

When I can drive, finding new 
Coffee shops helps.

Today, I am recovering.

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