Better Off With or Without

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I found a cool coffee shop, and two people smiled! 
One even mentioned my dress.
I’m going back!!

I was thinking of Ann Landers.
(Dr. Phil had no words for me.)
She often said, 
“Are you better off with him or without him?”
Am I better off with drinking or without?

Hangovers OR clear headed? (Most of the times anyway!)
Half dead OR half awake? (I need coffee to be all awake!)
Driving drunk OR driving safely?
Sloppy actions OR strong actions?
Slurry Words OR clear words?
Being half there OR being all there?
Running away from life OR being with life?
Depressed OR content?
Making life hard for my Loved One OR making a rich life with my Loved One?

I guess you could say I’m going through a divorce.
Learning to live a whole new way.
No contest.
Today, I am better off not drinking.

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