Reaching Out

Dear Readers,

There is something so powerful that happens,
When a person reaches out to help you.

It’s why I need to hear stories of other people
Who have quit drinking,
Or trying to quit.
I learn from those stories.

I learn life is not easy,
But no amount of alcohol will make it better.

I learn there is another way,
And that I can make it,  just like they did.

No matter where I go,
I am finding people who have made this positive
Change in their lives.

My daily thought?
Who can I help today?

2 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. Reaching out isn't always easy. You don't know if that person is ready for help or how to offer that help without hurting or angering them. I guess just letting them know you're there is all you can do and you hope it's enough. Quitting is a hard struggle and we can all use some help.


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