Sat. Dinner Blues

Dear Readers,

Went out for dinner Saturday night with other people.
Everyone was ordering wine and martinis (my favorites).
That was ok, but then they kept TALKING about how great it all was.
My hubby and I are sitting there with our non-alcoholic drinks.
The waiter is making fun of me not-drinking. (He wasn’t mean.)

Well, for a little while I felt sorry for myself.
A little “left out”.
I little annoyed.
A LOT sorry for myself!

My Evil Little Liar Voice was saying
“You can’t have fun unless you are drinking!”
(See my Evil Little Liar Voice Post)

But, no one had more than 2 drinks.
Most people had one.
I would have ordered a glass 
(or a bottle of wine to split with hubby), 
drink it as fast as I could,
order another one, 
and for SURE would have had at least 3.
And I STILL would wish I had more.
I had to do my self-talk,
Yelling at Evil Little Liar Voice.

Later, I had to process it with my hubby.
It really helps me to talk it out with someone else
Who doesn’t drink, 
Or who knows my struggle.

I got over my pity party in a few minutes.
(Ok, maybe 5.)
I laughed, enjoyed my food, 
And woke up the next day,
Clear headed and happy.

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