My Slide Into Obliviation

Dear Readers,

When I was younger, I loved drinking wine.
It was so fun and romantic.
Without me knowing it,
It was starting to take over my life.
I only wanted to go to places that had wine.
I had to have pre-drinks BEFORE a party.
Even going out on a date night with husband, 
I needed a drink.

Then, it seemed overnight, I was drinking a LOT.
I went to more happy hour with work friends.
I would stay after they left and drink more.
I started to have blackouts.
I started having arguments with my husband.

One time, in summer, I ended up in the emergency room from a blackout.
The doctor on duty said, “Well you are a high-functioning alcoholic. What do you want to do”
I said, “OK. I need help.”
And so, I went to treatment.

I stayed sober for a year!
But when I started drinking again,
I went back to the pre-treatment days.

There is more to this story.
It’s not over yet!

It gets better, though!!

2 thoughts on “My Slide Into Obliviation

  1. I really appreciate your posts. I like the feeling of optimism and hope. You're posting from your heart. It's a journey and struggle but worth every minute. Keep up the good work.


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