My Tipsy Beginning

Dear Readers,
I am a retired elementary school teacher.
It is my hope to help other people by sharing my ups and downs with drinking.

I started my drinking life being a social drinker.
So I thought.
I always had a few too many when I went to parties and weddings, but so did everyone else. 
I started my wonderful teaching career. I loved teaching kindergarten and first grade.
However, each year the stress got a little harder to cope with.
And I didn’t cope so well….so,
somewhere around the age of 40, I began to have problems with drinking.

Going to more and more Happy Hours with friends.
Doing lesson plans in bars, while drinking.
Drinking every night at home.
Drinking with friends and at home.
Drinking before hair cuts and after hair cuts.
Drinking before meetings and after meetings.
Drinking before going out with husband.

I started having blackouts after drinking sometimes.
That was scary.

My husband and I had arguments about my drinking.

When I retired, Happy Hour started at lunch and never ended!

The bottom line was this.
Drinking was fast becoming NOT fun.
I wasn’t Tipsy, I was drunk!

So, that is a REALLY condensed version of my drinking life.
More of my story will come out in my posts!

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