Who Wants To Do THIS Again?

Dear Reader,I was thinking that,Now that I've come this far,Struggled this much,Would I want to Do this again?I think not!This is another tool,In my toolbox.Simply,I don't want to go through this again.Once was enough.Now, as I've said before,I can't think of not drinkingForever.Throws me into a Panic.But I can think of not drinking,For just a little while longer.Then I … Continue reading Who Wants To Do THIS Again?

It Really IS Better

Dear Readers,I must admit,My life is betterWithout drinking.Never thought in a million years,I could see this,Feel this,Grasp this.It alluded me for years.Life without wine?A martini?No life at all.And that's the lie.For me.Now that my eyes,Are little wider opened,I am in awe of the joyThat surrounds meWhen I'm not blurred overBy alcohol.It's not that I drank every day.I … Continue reading It Really IS Better