What Lies Ahead

Dear Readers,

My elbow is now healed, and the doctor told me I can do anything I want! So I played golf. It is still stiff, but it was SO fun to have two arms to use! Makes me very, very happy!

We also got a newer car, to replace my wrecked one, but I was so nervous to drive it. It’s bigger, and I can’t see as well, so Mr. UT now has the newer car, and I am driving his older one! I am finding I am still scared that I am going to hit something, or someone will hit me when I drive, even though I wasn’t driving when we were in the accident. Time will help.

My mother is in the final stages of congestive heart failure. She has better times and worse times, which makes it so hard for her. She might stay this way for awhile, or not. No one really knows. I am saddened to see her not be able to get to her exercise classes and bingo anymore, and to see her get a bit more confused. All we can do is make her comfortable in this last stage of her life.

With all of this going on, I find myself getting teary eyed more, and sometimes feel as if I am missing out on traveling. We have had several cool trips planned, over the last few years, and had to cancel because of something. Fall brings melancholy feelings anyway. (Thanks to Anne for this word!)

Last year was a gorgous fall, and Mr. UT and I were so lucky to see some stunning fall colors on Minnesota’s North Shore. This year, we are still walking and hiking, but staying closer to home for awhile. Yet, every walk we take, brings us happiness, as there is so much to see outside in the woods. How wonderful that we live close to many nature trails, by lakes and rivers, with woods and prairies.

Walking outside is an underated exercise and mental health booster. I have to walk at least three miles in order to feel the best effect, but even two miles help. In fact, by walking and contemplating life and nature, I often get the title to a poem. Or figure out a problem. Walking outside brings me peace. Walking in nature, sooths me, and always no matter how bad I feel, brings me back to gratitude.

On one of our walks this week, I came up with the title to this poem I wrote:

Hints of Things that Lie Ahead

Fading daylight,

Geese flying calls,

Give hints of things,

That lie ahead.


Brown crinkled leaves,

Chipmunks’ full fat cheeks,

Give hints that winter,

Lies ahead.


Soft wrinkled skin,

With heartbeats missed,

Give hints that soon,

One life is shed.


As Earth starts to rest,

Putting all to bed,

Some lives end,

Other lives lie ahead.


With Coffee Everywhere I Go,

On Day 2580,


9 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I was at work today and thinking how I was going to ask you how your mom was doing. I really feel for you. ❤️ Nature sure is beautiful and therapeutic, I absolutely love your pictures and then you usually do a selfie and that makes me smile! Fall is approaching ( or feels it recently ) and I love to get out and see the leaves changing. Really thinking of you right now! ❤️

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  2. That was lovely.
    I’m sorry about your mom. That must be very sad, although I am sure she had a full life.
    I agree about the car. Time will help. And driving. Don’t stop.

    When I got rid of my van I was going to get a bigger SUV, but I went with a smaller model. I just couldn’t imagine being able to park!

    Hugs and love from Canada!

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  3. such a sweet little poem, and filled with visuals! So sorry to hear about your mom but am glad you finally have both arms back…enjoy the weather though before the freezing cold…for me, fall is my favorite!

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