Grateful for Indoor Plumbing

Dear Readers,

Mr. UT and I have been dog-sitting a cute little love bug this past week. She’s very easy to take care of except when we are trying to get her to do her business in the cold. And it’s been very cold and snowy for several days here. I’m talking about temperatures of -5 to 15° F, with -24 windchills. I have to pick up and put her down several times to get her to go! LOL Mr. UT shakes his head at this. He takes her out, but balks at picking her up, so she rarely poops for him! I don’t really blame her. Glad we have indoor plumbing!

Now, Mr. UT and I can still walk in this weather. Over the last several years, I have bought warm winter clothes, made for walking in colder temperatures. It takes me an hour to put all the layers, on, but so worth it. (However, Mr. UT is of a different breed, and he can walk with one layer, and no hat. Once in a while, he will put up his hood.)

We spent Christmas visiting with my mom, eating chocolate, getting the dog to go outside, and walking in fresh snow. It was perfect. Small things, little gifts of time and love. Things are crazy in the bigger world right now. Mr. UT reminds me it’s always been crazy, we just didn’t have communications like we do now, so we never knew. Just ask my mom, as she has lived through the world a long time, having been born in 1925. (And by the way, she had to use outhouses for some time before they got indoor plumbing up in Nothern Wisconsin!)

Below is a poem I wrote for children, and I hope you like it!

“Hush”, says the forest,

As I walk under trees of pine,

Soft needles make a sofa,

On which the deer recline.

With a dog in one arm, and a coffee in the other,

On 6 Years, 3 Months, and 3 Weeks,


30 thoughts on “Grateful for Indoor Plumbing

  1. Beautiful pictures! Brrrr. I don’t know if I could handle that kind of cold. Little gifts of time and love make a perfect holiday. Merry Christmas, friend! 💕🎄

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    1. It all depends on the temperature and wind chill.
      I use a cami from the Express.
      I wear a long sleeve merino wool quarter or half zip turtleneck.

      Long undies, any brand that is thin but warm.
      Check REI or Dicks.
      I wear some really warm stretch pants I got from Athletica a long time ago, along with long undies when it’s super cold.
      Otherwise, jeans with long undies, or even a pair or leggings with long undies if above 25.
      Lots of layers. I wear smart wool hats with a soft liner, and smart wool thin gloves under fleece leather mittens.
      Jackets depends on temperature.
      Long down one with hood if really really cold like -24 windchill

      Lighter one if warmer.
      Hand warmers of below 20 or 15.

      It’s complicated!!! Lol
      Mostly you have to try different layers and find what works for you.
      You are younger and probably don’t need quite as much.


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    2. Silk or merino wool base layers! Light/medium/heavy depending on the temperatures and what you’re doing. The last few winters I’ve started wearing medium silk top and bottom base layers ALL THE TIME. And then just cover your head and hands 🙂

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  2. “It’s always been crazy, we just didn’t have communications like we do now, so we never knew.” This, exactly.

    Merry Christmas, Wendy! Wishing you a happy, insightful, peaceful 2021. Adrian

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  3. Beautiful photos. I can’t imagine it. I’ve only been in snow two or three times in my life.
    Our biggest concern today is putting on sunscreen, staying cool and trying to keep the fly’s away. What a difference.
    Happy Merry Ho Ho and have a fine New Year.

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  4. Love your photo’s and poem and walks in the snow! I totally bundle up like you. I have Raynaud’s syndrome and am constantly cold, especially my hands and feet! I have a coat with a heater in it! 😂 I so remember picking my doggie up so often in those cold temperatures!! Her little feet seemed to hurt from the cold temperatures/snow. My friend did a doggie shoes recommendation, I’ll add that to them. I’ve tried many times and they just came off when my dog got outside. These seem to stay on!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wendy! 😃😃😃😄😄

    They are protex pawz. I got them at pet smart. They are essentially red balloons. So they fit any dog and have actually held up pretty well. They are not that easy to get on but doable. There is a tool to help. It I manage ok without it.

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  5. “I forget that writing brings me peace. It helps me clarify my thoughts, and let them go. Like setting them free! They like that! No more living in my head, they escape to look around!” Love this!! I need to strengthen my discipline muscle regarding writing….hopefully 2021 will bring more energy and inspiration! I’ve been pursuing photography and having a lot of fun with it. Just learning and whew! So much to know. Like you, nature always grounds me… and your pics are gorgeous! Are you self-taught?💜

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