These Times

So many thoughts circling in my head,

Like the falcon circling in the sky,

Looking for its prey,

I keep trying to grab one,

But like a mouse,

It scampers away.

So like the falcon,

I am left hungry.

On Our Walk By the Minnesota River Valley

Dear Readers,

Mr. UT is helping me stay calm, as the virus makes it’s way along wherever it wants to go. Our state of Minnesota, like many others closed restaurants, bars, gyms, and other places with larger public gatherings. At least for now, grocery stores and pharmacies will stay open.

I have so much I want to say, and yet really can’t find the words. Many people have written beautifully during these hard times, so what is left to say?

We are blessed, Mr. UT and I. We have a place to stay. We have enough money to live on. We have each other. So many people do not have this. My heart hurts for them.

I thank all the nurses, doctors, store workers, truck drivers, and everyone who keep working through this time, to help us all.

Although I sound a bit down, which I cannot help but feel, I am also very hopeful. I know we are a strong people, all people, and although there are some disheartening things like hoarding going on, I see many more people helping others. In Minnesota, we have one of the most generous communities of volunteers, giving time and money.

Kits with Naloxone are still needed, maybe even more at this time, so Mr. UT and I are bringing home enough supplies to make 300 here at the house. There are teachers giving on-line lessons for free, schools that will open for lunches for children. Just some of many examples.

We do what we can. It’s all we can do! If we just each do one little thing, how wonderful that would be.

On the home front, Mr. UT is going to set up a schedule for me, lol. I am much better a schedule. I know it will include indoor and outdoor exercise times. I hope it includes snacks. And coffee.

Just know, if you are struggling with wanting to drink, please reach out to me or other people on these blogs, who are so giving of their time and care. You can find me at

It’s sunny today, so a big walk is happening. Getting outside is helping me so much, and from what I know and read, helping many others as well. And we can go get coffee, just not sit at the coffee shop!

With So Much Love,

And hug from 6 feet away,

On Day 2020,


A Few Days Ago, When We Could Sit Inside!

16 thoughts on “These Times

  1. I think this is such an incredibly important post Wendy. I think it’s one so many can relate to and I’m glad there are lines of communication from people like you to mention the things that some man not want to mention.

    And here is my hug to you from at least 6 foot away!

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  2. Such a fabulous post and really important things to say. Right now kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion will be the thing that gets us all through. I hope people do use the blogs to reach out, to say ‘hi’ and to just connect at a time where we are all feeling sad and a little lonely.
    Hugs 🤗 to you Wendy

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  3. Big hugs from down under. I want Mr UT to design schedules for all of us! Love this Wendy. The media revels in pouncing on poor behaviour at the moment, but I’m hearing lots of stories of people helping and looking out for each other. I’m confident out ‘better angels’ will comfortably outnumber the troubled, anxiety ridden ones. People are scared and fear makes us do dumb things. We addicts know that better than anyone. Here’s to building bridges of compassion and understanding amidst the turmoil. And three cheers to Mr UT. Fantastic pics by the way.

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  4. This was so wonderfully written! I agree 100% that kindness and compassion are even more important now in these weird times than they were ever before. I’m also so happy to have the Internet. I cannot physicallly be close to my husband now due to us living apart (I live in a care facility) and unnecessary travel being discouraged. However, through mobile phones and the Internet, I can still connect. And I can see you from across the globe (I’m in the Netherlands). 🤗

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    1. Oh how cool! I am so thankful, too! You have a beautiful country!
      I’ve never been, but have seen photos. I’m sorry you are apart from your husband.
      I think it would be hard to be alone, but at least we can connect across the internet!

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