New Ways to Cope

My brother took us to Shoshone Falls in Idaho!

Dear Readers,
Life is unpredictable.
Sometimes it feels like a tornado, other times a gentle wave.

Of course, drinking to cope didn’t work so well. 
All that did was make new problems!
So those of us in recovery have to learn new ways to live life.

When things seem scary or chaotic, I have learned some new simple ways to cope.
I breathe, in for four, hold for four, out for four.
I distract myself for a little bit. Not too long, though, by playing a game or by reading.

Finally, No Coats!

I make and repeat mantras.
I write my gratitude lists.
Just writing this blog helps!
I walk, lift weights, go to yoga.

Eventually though, I must face the problem, and take little steps to deal with it.
If I take a little step, just for 5 minutes, I often end up doing more.
There have been times when things seem overwhelming. I can still go to the overreaction way to cope if I’m not careful.
My usual reaction is to go, YIKES, and then figure things out as best I can.

I also cope by reaching out to people and getting help.
I am lucky I have a loving husband, and a loving family and friends.

Accepting that life is unpredictable is also helpful for me.
I never know what will happen next.
Some things will be surprises I love, other things will be sad. 

There is no escaping these things. 
I can embrace the craziness, hopefully with a bit more grace than I used to.

With Spring Finally Here,
On Day 1691,

Wendy Walks New Post: Nature Teaches

PS – My visit with my mom, brother, and sister was love filled! My sister and I were super proud of ourselves! I only had to look up the owner’s manual on line to figure out how to use parts of the rental car! Ha! 

My sister, brother, mom, and me! 

12 thoughts on “New Ways to Cope

  1. First, let me say how wonderful to see you with your family! I'm proud you didn't get too distracted with logistics, and ended up having a marvelous time!Your posting this is so timely for me. I'm embarking on another attempt to stay sober for the long haul, all while dealing with a recent death (my step-father), helping my mother navigate her estate, helping my homeless brother get back on his feet, while, just this weekend, being asked to care for my mother-in-law who recently broke her hip (she broke her other hip in June 2018), my husband, just last week, going on workman's comp., all while working at my job. I'm telling myself, this period of time is so important to stay sober, given all that is occurring, so when I read your post today, it gave me peace. I can get through anything, as long as I keep my frame of mind in the right space, and don't drink. You're a super-star of a lady! xoxo, ll


  2. Lia, that is a lot to deal with! Doing it sober will help not only you, but your family! When I had to help move my mom from her house, I was sober, and I was so happy I was. Big hugs! xo


  3. Isn't this the truth Wendy. We are always going to be faced with the ebb and flow of life. Having tools to turn to when I begin to feel panicky has helped me remain alcohol-free. One more tool I'm learning but not super proficient at is to do nothing. Sometimes there is nothing to be done. Letting myself know this is also an action helps me from overreacting or wasting time trying to find a solution. It's good to see your smiling face. I'm in Boise Idaho most days now!


  4. The roller coaster of life. I think when we were drinking we, sort of, never got on the ride. Isn't it better to go through all of the ups and downs? That's a really nice post, Wendy.


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