Dear Readers,

A Long Hot walk!

There is a major transition, a change, happening in Mr. and Mrs. UT’s lives soon. Hubs is retiring!
Or Yay!!

All depends on my frame of mind, ha!

The good news is, we like each other a lot, and one of the keys to our long standing marriage is we like to play together. We love to golf, bike, hike, and just hang out. 
However, retiring was hard for me. It was a huge change I was not prepared for, and I went into a deep depression and my drinking increased. 
I kept warning Mr. UT it might be harder than he thinks, but he wanted to do it while he could still be active and enjoy doing things. And he is not me!!

Changes can be hard, but life is change.

I am looking at this life change as a positive for both hubs and me!

I happened to find a poem, called, “Wind-Wafted Wild Flowers”, by Muriel Strode. You can read the whole poem here.

Found on Our Walk

Every line has much meaning, but there were several that spoke to me today. 

“I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.”

If you are working hard at getting sober and staying sober, don’t be afraid. Make your own trail away from your drinking life. I understand this is hard. Yet, the courage to step out into the unknown is the beauty as well as the struggle.

“Better than tiaras—the diadem of freedom.
Better than broad acres—a garden of hearts-ease.
Better than mines of gold—a mint of dreams.
Better than bars of molten silver—the silver of a laugh.
Better than strings of pearls—the crystal of a tear.
Better than bands of choristers—a lute in the soul.”

This is the heart of life, I think. 
Which brings me back to gratitude. 
For it seems I always come back to gratitude these days.
For it seems the little things, the clean sheets, the flowers watered, that bring me joy.
For it seems the love of my husband, his strong hands, that speak to me.
For it seems I have so much and I can give much.
And I am thankful.

With Love,
On Day1474,


PS – My 93 year old mother flew out from Idaho to visit us and her other daughter! She is amazing! My mother is a testament to being brave, courageous, and learning to live with life changes!

23 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Oh boy, are you two going to have some fun! Congratulations to Mr UT and to you: Thank you for another wonderfully uplifting take on living sober. I'm doing well and at times I wonder if an alien- a good one- has taken control of me. Issues that I've struggled with my entire life, including during the 9 years sober I had once upon a time, are essentially gone. I am sober in every sense of the word. Amen. ❤


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