Dedicated to Jacob and All Murdered Children

Dear Readers,

Jacob in Kindergarten

As I saw the news about students walking out to protest gun violence, I was reminded of a young student I had in kindergarten, many years ago, who was brutally murdered along with his mom, and best friend.
Jacob had just finished third grade, and was looking forward to the summer.

His sister was in an abusive relationship with a boyfriend and a child with the abuser. Jacob’s family kept her location a secret, so the boyfriend would not find her and the baby.

However, on that horrible day, the abuser went to Jacob’s house, where Jacob and his friend, and his mom were going to go swimming, tied all three of them up, and murdered them with a knife. Jacob and his mom never gave up where the daughter was hiding.

Jacob was such a delightful boy! He made the best puppet plays in kindergarten, and was such a helpful, smiling young person.

We planted a garden in his memory at our school, and we had a memorial service for him there.

I wrote several songs, and sang them.
I share one of them here with you.

For Jacob  By Wendy July 10, 1996

Verse 1:

One by one, two by two,
How many children will we lose,
Please tell me the reason why,
We are letting our children die.

Verse 2:

Three by three, four by four,
Turn around and there’ll be more,
So many children cry in pain,
Tears of falling rain.


Give them guns, knives and hate,
This is how we teach their fate,
Money, power, this we sell,
They have learned their lessons well.

Verse 3:

One by one, two by two,
We can change this if we choose,
We have the power, we have the love,
Our children can rise above.


Mothers, fathers, people all,
Please don’t let more children fall,
They’re our future, our hope our stars,
Guide them onward, up so far,

Verse 4:

One by one, two by two,
How many children will we lose,
Please tell me the reason why,
We are letting our children die.

Jacob rest in heaven high,
With God and angels, by your side.

With Love for all of Our Children,
On Day 1324,

14 thoughts on “Dedicated to Jacob and All Murdered Children

  1. Brilliant lyrics.I'll say it again just in case anyone in power in USA is listening. In the UK we had a shooting in a school in Scotland – Dunblane – the school the tennis player Andy Murry went to btw the way. Anyway we decided that handguns are just too much problem as a result of that – so we banned them. All handguns, all assault type rifles etc. We have not had a school shooting since – 1996 – 2018. Look at Australia when they brought in gun laws. It reduces the deaths. I had the opportunity to move to CT some years ago when my kids were little. I didn't not least because of USA gun laws. Sandy Hook – that didn't change anything and I'm lost as to how many more have to die.


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