Day 600

Dear Readers,

In Honor of Prince…There were purple flowers everywhere!

Today I have reached another milestone in my recovery, 600 days.

I feel emotional today.
It’s been raining for many days, and the gloom is getting to all us here in Minneapolis.
It’s also been emotional for the city, as one of our gifted musicians, Prince, died way too early, at the age of 57.
Hubs and I saw him perform three times.
He was electrifying.

I love this park!

I think the reason I love counting days, is I can truly appreciate the time and effort it takes to be sober. 
I said to a friend, “It hasn’t always been easy.”
He said, “Who said it was supposed to be?”
He was so right. 

Getting sober in a drinking world takes courage and faith. It takes courage to let go of an addiction, and it’s not easy. It’s hard work.
I had to face all of my fears and jump into the unknown with faith holding me up. 
Somehow hoping that all would be well.
It’s a process and it takes perseverance. 

My hubs is SO cute!

It takes being honest. It takes stepping outside of myself and thinking of other people. 

To help me, I need the support of other people in recovery, as well as the support of my friends and family. I also need much self-compassion. 

And so far, at 600 days, it’s so worth it.
I have more freedom, more peace of mind.
I am far more grateful for all I have been given.
I have a far happier house, with a far happier hubs, and a far happier me!

With a GIANT hug,
And so much love,
On Day 600,

46 thoughts on “Day 600

  1. Congratulations! Your world and you are so much more beautiful sober. And, you're right, hubs is pretty darn cute, and he does look happy and proud to be with that woman in the picture.


  2. Woo! Congratulations on day 600! You are right, it's a drinking world we live in, which makes every single one of those 600 days _even more_ of an achievement. I'm really working on being happy at the moment and you're always such an inspiration 🙂 thank you xWaking up


  3. Hi Wendy! Wonderful post. Congratulations on 600 days! I love what you say about counting here. I always so much enjoy reading your insights. Your hard won insight reaches all the way to western Canada! Love that pic of you and your husband, too. I'd say you're both pretty darn cute! Big hug to you! xo


  4. Congratulations on 600 days Wendy!! That is so awesome. you are such an inspiration. You are so right, it IS a drinking world. Which makes quitting so much harder. But it is so worth it. Sober is so much better. A x


  5. Congratulations Wendy! It is a drinking world sadly. Although sometimes I still wish I could drink \”normally\” like \”everyone else\” I'm very pleased with how being sober has improved my life.Last weekend I officiated a wedding for some young friends. I loved being able to safely drive myself home after the reception, get a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go the next day. I enjoyed some lovely chats with other guests, had no fear of embarrassment and remember the evening fondly.Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling sober life!


  6. Well done Wendy. I love the comment about it not being easy and the reply of who said it was supposed to be. I have said that about kids to friends. Parenthood is a bit like sobriety up and down, good and bad it's not easy but the overall result is very fulfilling. How lovely to see you and hubs looking so happy, you look like a lovely couple and I am glad you found eachother.


  7. What a truly beautiful post and an amazing milestone, Wendy. A HUGE congratulations to you!! Today is actually 605 for you I think, which is amazing. Your inspiration, support, and kindness is so valued. I think you are completely awesome. 🙂 ❤


  8. Dear Wendy, Better late than never…Bravo you on 600 (plus) days! What a smile you have. Love to you xx.


  9. Sorry to be so late in commenting. Love the hat! You look amazing. So pleased you are happy in your sobriety. It is wonderful isn't it.xx Claire


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