Gifts on Day 302

Dear Readers, 
On Wednesday, I woke up to a surprise! My dear Loved One left me a lovely present and note on the table, for my 300 days! 

But, every day I stay sober I receive gifts, not of the material kind, but of another kind.

The biggest gift of all is peace of mind. 

Life is hard enough without making it harder for myself.
This week I watched a young lady cry at our AA meeting. She keeps relapsing and was in such pain. At 13 days, her boyfriend told her he would not stay with her if she drank again.
That pain is what I will feel if I drink again.

There would be drunk calls and emails, drunk crying and fighting, and drunk driving.
The peace of mind I have knowing I don’t do this anymore is something I love.

Learning to deal with life as it comes, with real emotions, not running away or escaping, is another wonderful gift. This means I am growing in my emotional maturity. 

I can see things clearer more often now. I give my love easily, but I am learning not everyone wants my love. Or needs it.
I am more accepting of that. I might be hurt, but most of the time, no one does it on purpose. I am learning to step back and see things from a different perspective. 

I love the gift of helping other people, and I am learning to do this by just showing up. When I go to a meeting or post a comment on a blog, I am not only giving a gift, but I am receiving one. I can’t explain this, I just know it.

Recovery is showing me many gifts, and all I need to do is be open to accept them!
With Peace on Day 302

12 thoughts on “Gifts on Day 302

  1. 300 days! Amazing. Time seem to fly. and what a beautiful gift. I love this bracelet. You have a great and loving husband. I love your posts, Wendy. They are so uplifting, full of optimism, kindness and support. I am so glad to be your blogging friend.


  2. Wonderful Wendy, I am happy for you. Happy because you are sober, happy because you are happy! And of course I could not fail to mention this beautiful bracelet. :-)I'm guessing I should go get met a day 300 gift too! :-)xx, Feeling


  3. I love this post! Nothing is greater than having that peace of mind. It's such a blessing. Day 300! Congratulations! I'm following closely behind you! What a great gift! And a great hubby! I need one of those! 😉HugsJen


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