Green, Blue, and Never Give Up

My Blue Sky Day

My Green Quiet Place

Dear Readers,
Taking photos when I walk has become a hobby for me. I only use my cell phone, but it is very rewarding to get home, and see what my eye saw.

The green photos are from the small park by my house, just right out my door. The Blue Sky photo is by the Minnesota River, just a short drive from my house.

I am feeling better.
I am learning how to see life a little differently, not so all or nothing.
I am learning how to cope with depressive thoughts, drinking thoughts, negative thoughts.
I am learning that thoughts are fleeting.
I can change the channel on my thoughts.
I change them to thoughts of nature, beauty, or thinking of helping other people.

I am learning to balance my life by the week, making

Steps Out of My Park

sure I have connections with people, me time, nature time, husband time, and yoga time.

When I look back on my life and all I accomplished, it was very simple. I never gave up.
I had a set back or two, but kept going.
This is so true for stopping drinking.

It is not easy. When the world around you drinks, and you are dependent, as I was, it takes courage, faith, and perseverance. 
Not faith in the religious way, but faith that there is a life after drinking. A different life, but also a better life. 
I will keep doing all the things I know how, to keep going on this path. The stairway is up and out. 
I can’t think of how hard it is, or how many stairs, or I would never make it. I will just keep going to meetings, blogging, helping other people if I can, reading about other people’s journeys, seeing my therapists, and having faith.
On Day 257

8 thoughts on “Green, Blue, and Never Give Up

  1. I love your photos! If this what you can do with your phone pictures, imagine what you would do with a camera. Great shots!I do believe there is a life after drinking. And it is a better, brighter, more accomplished life. Inspiring post, Wendy!


  2. Hi Wendy,I just love your photos! The park looks absolutely beautiful, you must spend a lot of time there. How lucky you are to have that on your doorstep.You are doing so well.A x


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