A New Place

Dear Readers,
Today I felt like sharing my thoughts by writing a poem.

A New Place  

I am stepping into a new place,
A place of love,
A place of gratitude,
A place of light.

I am stepping into a new life,
One of acceptance,
One of calm,
One of joy.

I am learning how to feel again,
After running so hard,
After running away,
After running myself down.

I am stepping into new love,
After shaming,
After self-hate,
After comparisons.

I need not search too far,
And yet I do search.
All I have is here,
And yet I look.

I am learning now,
To look up,
To look out,
To look within.

Finding a peace,
If even for a moment.

8 thoughts on “A New Place

  1. Hi Wendy,Beautiful 🙂 I am glad you do not have to run anymore. I wish you peace.I'm happy for you and for me that we quit because you have become a beautiful sober friend. :-)xx, Feeling


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